Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mahudi - A holy weekend near Ahmedabad

It is a holy and famous pilgrimage of Jain's but now it not only limited till Jain's but the place where every religion people are worships Ghantakarna Mahavira.

Yes, I'm talking about Mahudi - the Jain pilgrimage. Appx. 80 kms from Ahmedabad.

This is one of 24 Jain's pilgrimages. It hasit's own importance. It's complex has been spread in 2 sq. km. Lord Ghantakarna has been worshiped at here. 

There is a beautiful statue of lord. Huge quantity of devotees has visited this temple every year.

Belief : 
There is a famous belief related with the temple. One can't take prasad of SUKHADI outside of temple campus. If anybody tries, something unwanted happens with him/her or their family.

Reach :
It is only 80 kms from Ahmedabad. One can hire vehicle from Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar. State transport buses are also available from Ahmedabad/GAndhhinagar and other main cities of Gujarat. Roads are very smooth till temple. So one can easily drive their own vehicle. 

There is a good overnight staying facility provided by temple at very reasonable cost. Gujarati food is also provided by temple.


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  3. Hi..Nice blog post. Thanks for writing about Mahudi. Ahmedabad houses several tourist attractions such as Blackbuck National Park, Jhanjhari Waterfall, Shaking Minarets and Shanku Water Park.


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