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Tips for foreign visitors to India

India is a huge country and it is not feasible to conveniently visit the beautiful places without a good knowledge of the country. It depends entirely on the interest of the tourist to decide which places he wants to visit. If a tourist wants to explore the spirituality of the country he could very well visit the holy places of India. If interested in the wildlife, then he could plan such a visit which would enable him to visit the famous wildlife sanctuaries. The forts, monuments and palaces would cater to the artistic streak of a tourist while the luxurious life of the kings and the queens could also be experienced through their visit to the forts and royal palaces.

However, a tourist should be aware of various pros and cons before visiting the country. There are many online companies which offer highly customized India tour.

packages to help you to plan your journey well. The desired places and locations could be included in your package by asking your India travel agent. It is always advisable to any new tourist not to miss out the thrilling wild life of the country which would offer you a glimpse of rare species of animals and birds. Overall India has 441 wildlife sanctuaries and 80 wildlife national parks which make India the perfect destination for wildlife lovers.

If you are interested in sports and want to engage in amazing adventurous activities, then you can try trekking, mountaineering, skiing, river rafting and other thrilling activities near the Himalayas. India boasts of wonderful architectural designs and it is a must to witness the rich art and architecture of the country. Taj Mahal in Agra, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, should be in the top of the list as it is an embodiment of love and beauty. This mesmerizing monument was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaj.

Apart from the places that should be included in a tourist package to India, other things should also be kept in mind. You should make sure that you have a proper travel book and a travel guide. It is also necessary to carry a number of medicines as a change in weather and place could lead to bad health. It is also advisable for you to be careful about your health such as carrying mineral water wherever you go as the hygiene standards vary from place to place in the country. You should also be careful while hiring a guide as a good guide would help you in getting a good knowledge about a place. You should also be careful in shopping and should not stick to one place but look around.

The portal lists a number of tour operators who offer tourism packages in the most affordable price. It believes in providing the best services and security to the tourists. It makes the whole tourism easier and devoid of any problem that one might face while traveling through a new place. Tour operators are available in every major tourist place which would help the tourists to visit the place of his interest without any problem.

Do's and Don’ts

In case of need or desire to overstay you are advised to contact the nearest Foreigners     Regional Registration Office.
It is advisable to avail pre-paid taxis./auto rickshaws or pay by meter or ask for fare chart.
Advisable to shop at Govt. Emporia/ Fixed Price shops to ensure quality & reasonable prices.
Please check power voltage before using electrical instruments. (220 / 240 V. are available in India).
Keep your valuables in hotel lockers/safe deposit vaults.
You are advised to contact the nearest Govt. of India Tourist Office / State Government Travel Agents / Tour Operators for local sightseeing & excursion tours.
Always hire Govt. approved tourist guide invariably carry an identity Card.
Check about photography permission / filming at any monument. Contact the nearest Government of India Tourist Office/ PoliceStation State Government Tourist Office.
Change money only at Authorized Foreign Exchange outlets / Banks / Hotels & insist on receipt for money changed.
For guide map of the city tourist information contact the nearest Government of India, Tourist Office / State Government Tourist Office.
In case of loss of any documents contact the nearest Government of India Tourist Office / Police Station / State Government Tourist Office.
For medical assistance you may contact hotel or accredited hospital / nursing homes.
Observe Local tradition / customs while visiting religious places.
There is prohibition on liquor in a few States. Check details from the nearest tourist office about the same.
Smoking not allowed in public places & vehicles, in some states.

Don't encourage beggars.
Don't accept food / drink from strangers.
Export of Indian Currency is banned.
Don't be coerced into shopping by touts / guides/ taxi drivers or strangers.
Don't buy articles made from rare / endangered species or animals which are banned.

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