Friday, September 24, 2010

Colourful Fair - Tarnetar fair...

Tarnetar fair, the most colorful and vibrant fair of Gujarat, is held this year on August 23 to 25 th. Tarnetar is located in Saurashtra near Thangadh. It is five hr drive from Ahmedabad via Limdi-185kms approximately. The fair is held near Trinetrashwar Mahadeva temple at Tarnetar. Grampanchayat and various state authorites organised this colourful fair known as tribal fair near the temple and kund site. Most of the tribes of Saurashtra like Bharvad, Rabari, Koli etc are participating in this fair in a big numbers. The special feature of the fair is matchmaking between the youth of Kolis, Bharwads and Rabaris. It is believed that the Svayamvar of the panchal princess Draupadi was held here wherein Arjuna won her hand .Even today,the tradition of Svayamvar continues and the tribal girls attending the fair have a right to choose their husbands from the assembled youth. The youth come attired in exquisite cloths and jewellery with ornate umbrellas, which signifies that they are ready for a matrimonial alliance.

The traditional Garba, Hudodance and Tamasha are the favourites. Bhajanmandlis sing devotional songs to the tune of folk instruments such as khatris, pakhawaj dhol and tabla .Various competitions are organized by grampanchayat like cattle competitions and shows ,colourful umbrella competitions Dress competition, Gasrba-ras competition, Song bhajan competition etc. These events are very memorable to watch. States sports department is also organizing rural sports for nearby villagers during these days. State Tourism department organizes package tours, tent accommodation cafeteria and a cultural show at tourist village during these days when many foreign and Indian tourist s visit the colorful fair. The festival is for fun and frolic. The day of Rushipanchami is very pious and many people, sadhus, tribals etc take a holi dip in the kund on this day. The temple flag-Dhaja is also changed on this day in the early morning. Colorful fair of tarnetar is must visit this fair …

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