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Shivasamudram falls - A One day trip from Bangalore

Shivasamudram falls....also referred as Bharachukki and Gaganachukki falls.

Route --> Vijayanagar - Kanakapura- mavalli - shivanasamudra
Distance --> 140 Kms from Bangalore
Money spend --> Petrol + 32 Rs (Toll) + 50 Rs (Fees for the falls)
Duration --> 10 hours total.
Ideal Time --> Middle of rainy season
Ideal for -- > Large groups, Family, Weekend Getaways

Shivanasamudra can be approached either via Bangalore – Mysore road or Kanakapura road. If you are taking Mysore road, you need to turn left at Maddur and drive some distance. On Kanakapura road, keep driving for around 120 kms on the highway. Shivanasamudra is very close to the highway. Kanakapura road is usually devoid of much traffic and is preferred way for driving. The roads are not very good and it may require 3 hours to cover the distance, so plan to leave early.
About the place --> Gaganachukki, Barachukki are 2 waterfalls on river kaveri near mavalli where there is shivansamudra hydral power generation station. A fun place to visit if you are looking to make a one day trip from Bangalore, Mysore or Mandya.

Gaganachukki has ample parking space for both two wheelers and 4 wheelers. Here you can see river Cauvery split into two streams and cascading over the rocks from a height of around 98 meters. As walk near to the falls, your ears will be buzzing with roaring sound of the gushing water and wind. For best view, decent through the steps to the watch tower. On the other side of the falls you can see the powerhouse in the gorge. There is a dargah called Darga Hazrath Mardane Galib behind the Gaganachukki falls. This dargah can visit while visiting Barachukki falls which located around 10 km from Gaganachukki falls. One word of caution, do not try to climb down from this side towards the falls, it can be fatal. On the way one can see catchment areas of river cauvery.

On the way to Barachukki falls -->

It was 13 Km drive from Gaganachukki falls and in between you can find a spot where the river kaveri was flowing silently and it was kind of a view point for the river.

Even though the falls looks majestic from top, the real thrill lies at the bottom of the falls. You have to climb down around 150 steps. Be very careful while climbing down, since it is very steep and slippery due to the loose mud and gravel. On your way down you could see people standing under the falls and few climbing up completely wet. At the bottom there are few “Theppas " which take people near the falls and do some stunts of turning the boat
To reach the bottom of the falls, you need to cross the stream where the water is flowing at rapid speed with lots of big stones underneath. Please decide to cross this at your own risk since there have been instances where people have slipped on the stones and fallen into the stream. Even though you would not get washed away in the stream, your head would definitely crack if you hit the stones in the stream !!
After crossing you can sit below the falls and start enjoying the sheer force of the falls falling on your head!. It was amazing.

At the base camp, you can go for coracle ride. The guy charges Rs 100 for up to 4 people. He takes you just besides the falls where you could literally feel the water of the falls. Amazing feelings and view when you could see the falls from right below.

There are no hotels closes by and no accommodation or restaurants available on location. Nearby places to visit include Talkad, which has nice sandy shores by the river and a few historical monuments.

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    and also the nearby place br hills resorts


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