Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saajan – An unscathed natural beauty near Mumbai

The search for unscathed natural beauty in today's grimy world just keeps getting arduous. Its only when one comes across the consummate beauty of places like Sajan that the faith in God's creativity is renewed. The township of Sajan is mostly occupied by the candid Marathi community. Though the route to Sajan is sprinkled with Brick Kilns it's only upon entering the town that the real closeness to nature can be felt.
Sajan is surrounded by dense forest from all the sides and has a liberal growth of Mango and Chikoo plantations. The plantation owners have mostly converted their beautiful areas into multi use Farm houses thus it’s a dream come true for all those nature lovers to actually reside in a tree house or just pitch up a tent and enjoy the vast greenery and winding river running along it.
Sajan is well connected to all neighboring cities by Government owned buses. Private A/C and non A/C deluxe buses are also available from Sajan to many cities in the State including Mumbai and Pune. Bus fare is about Rs 3 to Rs 4 per head.
Thane railway station is the nearest railway station to Sajan. This station is directly connected with Mumbai and regular train services are available from here to many cities in India. Taxis are also available in the railway station and fare is about Rs 200 to the heart of the city.

Palusa Falls - The normal trends of Indian waterfalls do not apply to this unique waterfall in Sajan. The waterfall is almost always at its full glory and rarely dries up or become a trickle as is the case with rest of the waterfalls. The Palusa waterfall is surrounded by verdant forests from every side and the sight of the creamy torrent gushing down almost a 40 -60 feet and crushes the resilient rocks below are awe inspiring.

The clear water stream and the picturesque surroundings make for a memorable sight. The sight is always in demand and provides an excellent opportunity to relax and enjoy a half day trek cum picnic with the entire family. An operational mini dam is situated near the falls.
Moho River - Sajan has a mini-dam if one may decide to call it that based upon the size of it. The Moho-Khurd dam located just nearby the town has a superb setting of a man made water reservoir coupled with a waterfall. Add this to the greenery around and it becomes a great place for nature lovers.

The water in the Dam is almost always calm and inviting. A swim in the Dam or a picnic along the banks is an inviting option. The less adventurous may try their hands at available include Kayaking across the splendid Moho-Khurd Damlet.
Koop Hill Fort, Tiger Caves, Peshwa Temple, Mahalaxmi Temple are the other attractions of Saajan.

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