Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ninai Fall – The Liril Fall, Near Vadodara.

Only one identity is enough for this fall. Before years ago, an ad of liril soap was come in which a beautiful girl was bathing. That ad was made over here. You have to pass through forest to reach this fall at Malsamot, near Dediapada, Panchmahal district. This substantially elevated place near Maharashtra border, is amidst, teak forests with sunset, sunrise, valley view points, bracing cool climate and the Ninai waterfalls is breath- taking. It is a 2 hour drive around a winding road from Rajpipla located in the Dediapada Wildlife Sanctuary. These waterfalls and hills of Malsamot offer a splendid picnic location and nature trip near Rajpipla.  There is an eco campsite located at dediapada wildlife century, where guest house and bamboo huts are available for night stay.

There are no other facilities, so you bring your eatables with you. Nearby temple of Shoorpaneshwar is also visit able.  This fall is falling from 200 feet’s and makes the atmosphere loveable from its beauty. If you are going by motorcycle, you can feel that you are flying over the Amazon forests sitting on the magical bed sheet of Alif Laila.  

The best visiting season for this place is after monsoon, till summer. A special staircase made from bamboos is arranged to approach the fall.

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