Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fajalpore - Fabulous Picnic Spot near Vadodara

A holy river flowing near city of Vadodara in the Gujarat state is Mahisagar. Mahisagar is one of the largest rivers supplying lot of water to the Central Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. It is a very pleasant experience to take a bath in River Mahisagar at Fajalpore, near town of Vasad near Vadodara. The one day picnic at the bank of Mahisagar at Vasad is the most preferred outing of all the residents of Vadodara.

Vasad is only 30 kms. away from Vadodara. You can travel by your own car, hired car or taxi to reach your destination You will have to travel towards the River shore as per the sign boards shown. However, you need to park your car little away from the river bank due to the bad road condition. The other way to reach here is by the passenger train from Vadodara. The passenger train leaves from Vadodara at 9 am and reaches
Fajalpore within next forty five minutes or so as Fajalpore is only the fourth station from Vadodara. You can easily walk down to the River bank from the railway station of Fajalpore. The River Mahisagar is very wide here but very peaceful. It may not be full of water in other than rainy season. However, there is always water at the bank of the River at Fajalpore. You can enjoy your bath here as the water is very shallow here.
After taking holy bath in the river, you can go to the lord Shiva temple that is situated at the bank of the river. This temple is around 2000 years old, having vast open area. You can relax here at the temple or play some fun games here. The temple management can also supply the good quality vegetarian Gujarati lunch, if booked couple of days in advance. You have to pay very nominal charges for the lunch like Rs.30 per person. You may go for hiking on the shore that can provide an opportunity for an adventure sports.
If you are familiar to Vadodara city and are going to get the opportunity to visit it in near future, I would strongly recommend all my friends to enjoy one day picnic at Fajalpore.


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